CPAP mask for pre-term babies

Client: EME Healthcare

The Millennium Products Award-winning nasal mask is designed to help premature babies breathe whilst in intensive care, and is the first non-invasive ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’ system to cater for the special needs of newborn babies.

Based on ergonomics research by Brunel University's Tools for Living unit, the snug little mask is designed to sit over the baby’s nose to create an effective seal that’s easy for the nurses to fit and use correctly. They are designed to augment alternatives, such as the sometimes difficult to fit nasal prongs.

Wings in the apertures of the tiny silicone masks help secure the mask onto different nose shapes, and the form and structure of the masks are designed to maximise baby comfort.

The masks have been in use in several countries since 2000, and have won a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation, as well as the Millennium Products Award.

CPAP mask for pre-term babies
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CPAP mask for pre-term babies
CPAP mask for pre-term babies

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