Hyphen partners up with Identica

Hyphen and brand design agency Identica have formed a collaborative partnership to proactively explore new ways of developing brands and products, both for their existing client base and to look at generating their own product and brand IP.

Where existing clients of either agency are interested in exploring new areas and potential product and brand innovation, each agency will assist the other in bringing new ideas to launch. In addition the two agencies are exploring ways in which they can develop their own IP, which they will then either bring to market themselves or sell on to interested third parties.

Each agency will retain its independence of the other and there is no exchange of equity involved in the arrangement.

Commenting on the move, Mike Elam said:

“We’re very excited to be working with such a like-minded agency. We are actively building a collaborative network of associates who all play a part in bringing great products and great ideas to market, and we feel a tremendous fizz with Identica. Watch this space. I’m sure there’ll be some innovation sparks flying.”

Richard Morris, Managing Director of Identica added…

“I’m continually getting asked by Venture Capital companies we work with what other ideas we have – and I wanted to be able to give them some concrete answers. Working with Hyphen, we’ll be able to start putting practical proposals together for developing new brands and products, as well as offering our client base the opportunity to develop new ideas. It’s a whole new area of potential revenue as well as a chance to show that we can not only talk the talk, but also that we walk the walk.”

The two agencies have agreed to start work with one existing client immediately on brainstorming new ideas and will be announcing further initiatives shortly.


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